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    • Shiimaa Mohamed

      How to treat a sore throat?

      ...when swallowing. Most of the throat infections are spread by dire...oms of flu, congestion and if treated well may not develop the con...ruses to your mouth or nose. Treatment of congestion: - Increase...elieve irritation of the sore throat. - Steam inhalation. - Thin...

      • Abdulaziz Sobh

        A sore Throat Set off by Acid Reflux

        ...develops in the lining of the throat; thus a sore throat is one of the most common sy...throat can be abated, if not treated, with simple self-treatments that can be done at changed to facilitate the treatment of acid reflux. Usual case...

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        • Shiimaa Mohamed

          How to treat a sore throat?

          The sensation of palpitations and dizziness is a common sign of flu or cold. This condition is called congestion. the cavity area located at the back of the nose and mouth, leading to the opening of the esophagus and trachea openings. The throat has a large cavity, has walls, and surrounds these ...

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