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Stillness is the Key: An Ancient Strategy for Modern Life Book by Ryan Holiday Whether you are an athlete, an investor, a writer, or an entrepreneur, this small but heartwarming book will open the door to a healthier, less anxious, and more productive life and career.

Throughout history, there has been an indelible quality shared by great leaders, creators, artists, and fighters. Zen Buddhists described it as inner peace, Stoics called it ataraxia, and Ryan Holiday called it stillness: the ability to be constant, focused, and calm in a constantly busy world.

This quality, valued by all the major schools of thought from Buddha to Seneca, from John Stuart Mill to Nietzsche, is urgently needed today. And, according to Holiday, it is fully achievable. In the same way that Winston Churchill used masonry as a moment to recharge and reflect, or Oprah Winfrey learned a deep empathy from her quiet childhood, we can all benefit from stillness to fuel our greatest ambitions, whether to win a battle, build a business or just find happiness. , peace, and self-direction.

Filled with wisdom and examples from historical and contemporary figures, this book shows you how to cultivate this quality in your own life. Because stillness is not simply inactivity, but the gateway to self-control, discipline, and focus necessary to succeed in this competitive and noisy world.

All great leaders, thinkers, artists, athletes, and visionaries share an indelible quality. It allows them to conquer their spirits. To avoid distractions and discover great ideas. To achieve happiness and do the right thing. Ryan Holiday calls it stillness: being stable while the world revolves around you.

Book Details

TitleStillness Is the Key
AuthorRyan Holiday
TypeSelf-help book
Year of PublicationOctober 1, 2019
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages220

Stillness Is the Key Summary

In this book, he describes a way to achieve this ancient but urgently needed way of life. Drawing on a wide range of the greatest thinkers in history, from Confucius to Seneca, Marco Aurelio to Thich Nhat Hanh, John Stuart Mill to Nietzsche, he argues that stillness is not mere inactivity, but the door to self-control, the discipline and focus.

Holiday also examines figures who exemplified the power of stillness: baseball player Sadaharu Oh, whose study of Zen made him the best home run hitter of all time; Winston Churchill, who by balancing his busy public life with the time he spent laying bricks and painting on his Chartwell estate managed to save the world from annihilation in the process; Fred Rogers, who taught generations of children to see what was invisible to the eye; Anne Frank, whose diary and love of nature guided her through unimaginable adversity.

More than ever, people are overwhelmed. They face obstacles, egos, and competition. Stillness Is the Key offers a simple but inspiring antidote to the stress of news and social media 24/7. The stillness we all seek is the path to meaning, satisfaction, and excellence in a world that needs more than ever.

Stillness Is the Key Review

An exploration of the importance of clarity through calm in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Austin-based speaker and strategist Holiday (Conspiracy: Peter Thiel, Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and Anatomy of Intrigue, 2018, etc.) believes in reducing one’s life and activities to fully understand the wonder of stillness. It reinforces this theory with a wide range of perspectives, some based on ancient wisdom (one of the author’s specialties), others more modern, all with the intention of directing readers to the essential importance of stillness and its “achievable path” towards enlightenment and excellence. “, greatness and happiness, performance and presence. “Readers will be encouraged by Holiday’s insistence that his methods are within everyone’s reach.

He acknowledges that this rare and coveted calm is already within each of us, but it has been worn down. for the hustle and bustle of busy lives and distractions. Recognizing that this goal requires immense personal discipline, the author draws on the representative stories of John F. Kennedy, Buddha, Tiger Woods, Fred Rogers, Leonardo da Vinci, and many other thinkers. Creative academic and scientific texts. These examples demonstrate how others have evolved beyond the noise of modern life and the solitude of productive thought and cleansing tranquility. Holiday divides his accessible, empowering, and meandering narrative into a “timeless trinity of mind, body, soul: the head, the heart, the human body.

“He juxtaposes the internal reflection and the wisdom of the Stoic philosopher Seneca cont For the self-centered existence of Donald Trump, with much of his time “in a bathrobe, ranting about the news.” Holiday emphasizes that while contemporary life is filled with a dizzying array of “competing priorities and beliefs,” the frenzy can be stifled and maintained serenely through the deliberate calm of the mind and body. The author shows how “stillness is what the arrow points”, fostering focus, inner harmony, and the kind of holistic self-examination necessary for optimal satisfaction and centralization of mind and body. Throughout the narrative, he consciously and convincingly promotes that concept.

A timely and vividly made reminder to slow down and take advantage of the restorative wonders of serenity. This short and entertaining book provides useful tools and engaging examples of how to maintain a healthy, orderly, and productive mind.

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About The Author Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is one of the world’s foremost thinkers and writers on ancient philosophy and its place in everyday life. He is a sought-after speaker, strategist, and author of many bestselling books including The Obstacle Is the Way; Ego Is the Enemy; and The Daily Stoic. His books have been translated into over 30 languages and sold over two million copies worldwide. He lives outside Austin, Texas, with his family. You can follow him @ryanholiday or subscribe to his writing at and

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Stillness Is the Key Quotes

Routine, done for long enough and done sincerely enough, becomes more than routine. It becomes ritual—it becomes sanctified and holy.

This is what the best journals look like. They aren’t for the reader. They are for the writer. To slow the mind down. To wage peace with oneself.

All of humanity’s problems,” Blaise Pascal said in 1654, “stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

Stillness is what aims the archer’s arrow. It inspires new ideas. It sharpens perspective and illuminates connections.

Be present. And if you’ve had trouble with this in the past? That’s okay. That’s the nice thing about the present. It keeps showing up to give you a second chance.

Most of us would be seized with fear if our bodies went numb, and would do everything possible to avoid it, yet we take no interest at all in the numbing of our souls.

If you wish to improve,” Epictetus once said, “be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters.

The less energy we waste regretting the past or worrying about the future, the more energy we will have for what’s in front of us.

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