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      Rearview Mirrors Feature Bluetooth Technology
      Bluetooth is a product of modern technology. To take advantage of it, the same has been integrated to different gadgets. The most recent is its integration to - rearview mirror. Said mirror was introduced by LG at this year's 3GSM show in Cannes, France.

      LG Bluetooth enabled rearview mirror for cars displays caller ID information at the center of the mirror's face. Aside from the caller ID information, the LG Bluetooth enabled rearview mirror is also equipped with a speakerphone for hands free use of the phone while driving. Said rearview mirror is powered off the car. However, it also has a built-in battery to allow about 150 hours of standby or 7 hours of talk time between recharges.

      The mirror also features echo cancellation and pairing for up to 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices. It also supports both headset and hands free profiles. Other versions of said rearview mirror have greater capabilities. The one launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has allows 200 hours of standby or 10 hours of talk time between recharges. It has a heads up display on the mirror itself for caller-id. Further, it has the capacity to broadcast modulate to the FM radio inside the car.

      Bluetooth enabled rearview mirrors are bigger than most of car mirrors. They offer drivers information like caller ID without the worrying much about taking the eyes off the road for too long.

      There has been no word on when these Bluetooth enabled rearview mirrors will be made available to car owners. With regards to automakers, plans of integrating Bluetooth to rearview mirrors are observable. Auto analysts say that in less than no time automakers will make this technology a striking feature. They are expecting that the 1987 Toyota Corolla rearview mirror as well as the Dodge mirror tow truck will be two of the vehicles that will be featuring the new car technology.

      According to aficionados, when versatility and reliability become an issue on rearview mirrors, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, and Chevrolet are the reputable auto companies to bank on. Their rearview mirrors are engineered to deliver state-of-the-art quality and performance.

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