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      When people call our firm, often times, they apoligize and explain that they are not sue crazy and state that they have never hired a personal injury law firm before. They say that they don't believe in things like suing McDonalds over hot coffee. Don't worry you are not going to offend us, we have heard these things before.

      Scooter and Moped accident and crash injury victims regularly say their case is "not that big" and they feel like they must have done something wrong to be treated like they were. Sadly, our firm has heard this same story hundreds of times before. In reality, you didn't do anything wrong and you are not being treated any different by the insurance company.

      Our firm understands what you are going through. We have handled dozens of scooter and moped wrecks and thousands of injury cases and we know what to do. We can handle your injury case from beginning to end. We will help you settle your property damage for free. We will help you obtain your no fault benefits (personal injury protection "PIP") for free. We will help you obtain restitution in the criminal courts for free. Finally, we will help you obtain a fair settlment for your DUI personal injury case and you don't owe us anything until you decide you are ready to settle your case.

      We are Utah moped and scooter personal injury lawyers who take the time to listen to you. We understand the pain and frustration you feel as you try to deal with insurance companies', their processes, their bad faith, their company doctors and insurance adjusters who want to deny you compensation for a legitimate personal injury you have suffered.