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      Amimul Ihsan

      The Danger Of Smoking
      Smoking is nothing but inhaling deadly poison, It kills the smoker, not at a time but little by little. It rears the death inside a living man. One single puff of cigarette contains thousands of particles of nicotine, carbon, monoxide, tobacco tar and others, These substances are very fatal, even cancer-causing, especially, nicotine is so deadly that if the little amount of it extracted from only twenty sticks of cigarettes is pushed into a horse's body, then it will die then and there. If that is one case then why people smoke?

      This question is very easy to answer, but it is very difficult to make people abstain from smoking , surprisingly, it is sometimes seen that even the doctor who is advising against smoking is holding a cigarette between his finger, It is a sad reality, But nobody can ever come up with an explanation in favour of smoking, Yet, why do people smoke and kill themselves?

      so we have to be aware of this danger.