What Is The Best Time To Start Studying For The Exam According To Science?

Best time to study for the exam is right now. You have wasted a lot of time, so start studying right now. You have a deep focus on the books. The worst time to study is 4 am to 7amB. 

 You have to know what you are reading. Start studying when your brain has the highest grasping power. The effective time to study is morning 5 am to 10 am and evening 5 am to 9 am. The morning breeze acts as a catalyst for rapid learning. 

Our Brain takes time to earn knowledge and build up. So study as you’re eating a meal.

Where to study?

If you want to utilize 100% of your study time. First of all, choose a place that is calm and peaceful. The place where you have the best management of ventilation and light. 

It is impossible to study in a room that is full of distractions.


The local library is the best place to study. It has comfortable chairs and tables. Its table has a wide space. Its room has no distractions. You have a calm place to study where no one distracts you. It has a strong internet connection.

How the time of day affects student Brains:

According to chronobiology, when our Brain is fresh and alert it is the best time to study. Fajar time is the best time to start studying. Because at that time there is no noise. Everywhere is the air of calm and quietness. 

This air boasts the energy level. According to science, the morning at 4:30 is the ideal time to study. Only the best time is not enough for study consistency is the ideal case for smart study.

Which is the best time to study day or night?

There are a lot of benefits to studying during the day time. After a proper night’s sleep. You are active and energetic. Because waking the whole night means your body has some concentration of alcohol which means you are not alert completely.

During the day you have proper daylight. This is best and nourishing for your body and eyes, Most people are contactable in the day. So, you can contact your friends and teacher and you can ask questions relating to the subject.

 Our brain is elastic, it develops and grows information depending upon the information you feed into it. To develop a study habit, our brain will accept it continuously. At night no light is available. So a lot of chances that your eyesight can be weakened.

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