Can You Make India a Global Leader

This decade has displayed India as a major contender for the position of a superpower. India has grown in almost every field, from pharma to IT, from manufacturing hub to defense, India has showed the world that this is the new India and it is ready to takeover the world.

Three technologies that can make India a global leader-

Ethanol blending

Promoting ethanol blended petrol (EBP), for use in vehicles has been transformed by the current government into a major game-changer in India’s reducing dependency on oil imports and its fight against climate change, as Ethanol is a less polluting fuel and offers similar efficiency at a lower cost.

Combining locally produced ethanol with petrol will help India strengthen its energy security, reduce imports, enable local enterprises and farmers to participate in the energy economy, and reduce vehicular emissions among many other benefits.

Semiconductor industry

India is all set to dive into another very important industry, with a high-stakes bid to begin making semiconductors.

India’s ambition to enter the chipmaking business comes at a time of growing trade and geopolitical tension as Western economies have pushed to decouple their supply chains from China, which has invested heavily to become a leader in the semiconductor industry.

If successful, a chip-making industry has the potential to be extremely lucrative for the country, feeding rapidly growing global needs as well as its domestic industry’s huge demand for the computers, appliances, and cars it already makes.

Drone hub

With an aim to make India a global drone hub by 2030 and to generate job opportunities by ensuring drone application in transportation, logistics, defense, mining, infrastructure, and other sectors, the Indian government notified the new and more liberalized Drone Rules, 2021 due to which the drone and its components industry can significantly strengthen India’s manufacturing potential to US$ 23 billion approximately by 2030.

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