The World is Changing…

Metamorphosis of the Earth

I don’t know how many people are concerned on the following phenomenon which I will pose here, however this topic will be interesting for many of you. Before touching upon the main subject of discussion I want to inform you this article is not intended to give some future predictions as such, most of the arguments are based on my subjective views, however certain conclusions are based on some sources.

Its been a while I feel the globe is changing day by day, and some questions arise in my head. What are these changes? Who are the ones altering it? What should we do about it?

Time fastened

There is a debate around people who claim that time runs faster than formerly. Well to me time is a tool for this physical world, it is to say it does not exist in a global sense, however when it comes to the time used in this 3D world, yes I can feel its getting modified and accelerating. One of the proofs is that I feel like the time is just not enough for me to perform all my tasks. By saying tasks I don’t mean only the ordinary activities related to the work, but also entertaining ourselves by some art or spending sufficient amount of days in nature.


Another alteration which I and maybe some others have observed is people are somehow apathetic nowadays no matter in social media or offline. I can see a big tendency among folks to disregard even something wonderful or seeing lets suppose a fantastic eye-catching video. I even thought of the possible causes of the apathy, it is the major ongoing political and spiritual crisis started years ago and is still continues and what’s more thought provoking is the question inside our heads “when it will end?”.


This one I am sure is the most common topic for majority of humans, since the weather keeps fluctuating in every parts of the world. In my country summers were known to be hot and arid, but currently we are sometimes having sudden heavily raining days or crazy cyclonic winds which we have never dealt with them before. Some days seem to be off, you can feel the air is odd and you don’t feel yourself. Furthermore the swallow birds number has plunged significantly. I could recall back to my childhood, they

were fluttering around the windows hitting and passing by early mornings. Sometimes they could get trapped in our balconies and we released them out. Nowadays almost no swallow bird is around. What changed in the world?

Ascension Effects

Have you ever heard of 5D world? I know many may not agree with the following claim, as this is a metaphysical one, however there is this sensation and thoughts around some folks about earth changing its vibrations. I would love to expand on this one, but maybe we will touch upon this subject later on.

Your motivational author, CreativeWriterGirl.

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