How Do You Spend Your Monthly Salary?

I’m 29 years old. I’m living in Bangalore with my husband and kid. I’m working as a staff software Engineer earning 31 lpa fixed and 5 lpa v.p. and stocks wrt appraisal. My husband has salary of 25 lpa fixed and , 3lpa vp. Together, our take home salary is 3.5 lakh per month approx. My kid is 3 years old and going to company provided daycare and preschool (klay) while we are working in daytime ( 10 am to 5pm) .We used to focus only on necessary things. We never took our job or anything as granted.

  1. Rent – 25k including maintenance for 2bhk ( has security , power backup, lift )
  2. Recently bought house in native (ground floor 2bhk + first floor 1.5 bhk ) (65L – which we did 20L down payment + 16 gold loan + 29L housing loan) and given it for lease – 10L.
  3. Emi for above house – 27k
  4. Gold loan repayment – 1L monthly (we will complete in one year )
  5. Groceries+ vegetables+ fruits – 10k monthly
  6. Travel to native – 5k
  7. For parents – 10k
  8. Maid ( cleaning ) – 2k
  9. Car EMI – 8k
  10. Other miscellaneous – 10k
  11. Self development – learning some courses + buying books – 2k
  12. Vacation – 10k ( we used to go for frequent vacations for 2–3 days here and there whenever we feel to go )
  13. Medical insurance for both parents – 5500 approx monthly
Savings :
  1. Stock market – 50k monthly
  2. Gold savings scheme – 30k
  3. Company stocks – 28k approx. ( I have opted for 10% of my monthly fixed pay as stocks which is at 15% discount of current market price and without brokerage – NYSE)
  4. PPF -2k
  5. Emergency fund RD – 5k
  6. NPS -2k
  7. LIC – 4k monthly
  8. Remaining amount will kept for unfortunate expenses but mostly invested back in stock market if not required.

I have been continuously learning in my own interest more about stock market ( techno-fundamendalist ) – swing and intraday trading . I have been reading a lot of books 📚 , analysing the market , back testing the charts and regularly following my mentors. I have been in martet for last 4 years. Mentors – Mark minervini, Franklin O. Ochoa, Oliver velez, William o Neil, Stan Weinstein, Jesse Livermore,Trade with trend, pivot call. I have framed my own strategies from above mentors and trading rules which I’m trying to follow and adhere to it.

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