Want to Have a Beautiful Big Butt? Read.

Easy Tips to Shape a Big Booty

We all want to have an attractive body, however, everything takes time, investment, and practice. Even if you have an inborn seducing body with an emphasizing shape, it can get altered over time due to different factors such as eating habits, aging, stress, etc.

Here are my few easy suggestions that will guarantee you a nice butt.

1. Valuable Video

The first advice is to watch the video below. It talks about four simple exercises. These exercises are not hard to do, so consider adding them to your daily routine.

2. Discipline Yourself

This one is a very crucial point. You need to plan carefully how you will start the butt-shaping routine. For example, if you are about to do the following exercises above, you need to journal the exact days and the time at which you are going to do them. Not disciplining yourself will end up giving you zero result and you might think that the quality of exercises or something else are to blame.

3. Consistency

You need to do the steps regularly. Don’t do some days and leave the other day doing nothing. The advice to discipline yourself written above will help you to keep doing it at a proper time and day and for how long.

Being consistent is going to accelerate the process of gaining a big booty.

4. Eat a Plate of Figs and Raisins

Eating figs and raisins alone might make you fatter, however, they may not help you to get a big-shaped booty. What will do better is simply to add them to your diet whilst doing the butt workout. Again, it is important to schedule the time to eat these fruits along with the exercises.

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5. Fire Hydrant Exercise

This is my personal favorite. I used to do this exercise for 2 years and I can witness it fills some of the holes in the butt cheeks that emerged due to a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, consistent fire hydrants are going to give you a beautiful bubbly butt. Just trust me!!! Watch the gif below to watch the visual explanation of how to do this exercise accurately.

You can also do the same moves standing up, it’s up to your preference and comfort how you will go about it.

There are many more worthy actions to take to tone a big booty, however, the aforementioned recommendations are going to work successfully.

Your motivational author, CreativeWriterGirl !!!


  1. Well, I think I will pass on the butt exercises but I did enjoy the read. Do you do the exercises in the video yourself?

    • yes I used to focus mostly on donkey kicks later more on fire hydrants, nowadays I don’t see a need, as the workout was very effective.

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