English Speaking Snails Free Project: 5 Benefits to Join

English Speaking Snails Free Project: 5 Benefits to Join

Are you a desperate English learner who keeps searching and searching for various means to improve your English? What methods or techniques have you tried that didn’t work? How many apps or platforms have you signed up without results? I have the solution for you finally.

In this blog, I will tell you about all the advantages of the free-based English learning project called “Snails.” Before discussing the fantastic facts of this project and how to register, I would like to explain briefly about it. 

The Snails project is a new blooming plan initiated lately. This is a donation-based humanitarian project to assist humans worldwide in improving their English speaking. There is no discrimination in race, gender, ability, etc. After reading about the project’s benefits, you will jump into it. 

You Don’t Pay Anything 

One of the eye-catching parts of Snails is it is free of charge no matter where you are from. How much money can you afford? What’s your nationality? You are not going to ask for any payment. Imagine how valuable this project is compared to many language exchange apps, schools, or programs that ask learners to pay.

You Have a Free English Teacher

No project offers teachers without having you charged. In the Snails project, you can have free sessions with teachers from time to time and get feedback. The teachers will guide you in minimizing your errors and becoming an advanced English speaker.

Learning About New Tools

The project’s organizers and teachers are always in touch with you. You get to know many new Al tools and learn how to use some of them, such as Chatgpt, Grammarly, Speechnotes, Speaktome, Rocketlanguages app, and many more. In addition, you also learn how to work in Google Docs, which we will talk about after you register. 

Gaining New Friends 

Let’s be honest when attending university or enrolling in a specific course; most learners care about socializing more than the knowledge. By socializing, we can refer to social learning, collaborating, and succeeding together. In Snails, you will meet many advanced English speakers who will help you to enhance your communication as well as you might also form study groups by sharing common topic interests with some learners and earning the teachers’ feedback from time to time.  

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Growing Into Independence 

What is more beautiful than gaining freedom from needing a teacher? Snails project is not a static one, it nonstop empowers the growth of learners through the assistance of free teachers and mentors. By saying “mentor” we mean you as well in the near future, as when you become a member of the project you grow from the speaker to parent and then mentor. 

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What Learners Do We Need?

We search for a serious and committed learner. We appreciate and accept people who are committed to being responsible, open to critical opinions, and willing to improve their English. 

How You Can Join Snails?

It is important to build contact with the Snails project on some social media platforms such as what’s app, messenger, or Telegram and write a message. You can also stay tuned to the updates by liking and subscribing to the main Facebook page “Snails“. 

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