How To Restart Computer With Keyboard

Restarting your computer is a common troubleshooting step and an essential action for system updates and maintenance. While the conventional method involves using the mouse to navigate the menus, there are keyboard shortcuts that can accomplish the same task efficiently. Here’s a guide on how to restart your computer using keyboard shortcuts on various operating systems.

How To Restart Computer With Keys in Windows

  • Alt + F4 This simple command will close the current window or application that’s in focus. If you’re on the desktop, it will open the shutdown dialog box.
  • To reach the restart option, make sure your desktop is in focus (no windows or applications are selected), Use the Windows Key + D to show your desktop, and then press Alt + F4 to bring up the shutdown dialog box.
  • Select the Restart option from the drop-down menu.

How To Restart Computer With Keys in Mac

Use the Control + Command + Power Button or Control + Command + Media Eject For the Restart Mac.

How To Restart Computer With Keys in Linux

Keyboard shortcuts for restarting a computer in Linux may vary based on the distribution and desktop environment you are using. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del This command can bring up the logout/restart dialog box, depending on the Linux distribution and its settings.


Always be cautious when using keyboard shortcuts to restart your computer. It’s essential to save your work and close applications to prevent data loss or corruption.

Knowing these keyboard shortcuts can be particularly helpful when your mouse or trackpad is not responding, allowing you to restart your computer without relying on traditional methods.

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