7 Terrifying Realities to Grasp when the Temptation to Accelerate Beyond Speed Limit Comes

What is speed with respect to vehicular movement from point A to Be? Someone would say, speed is speeding! That’s awesome definition of speed. It is speeding beyond expected speed limit. It has to do with pushing the gas pedal down without necessary precautions.

When we become oblivious of the consequences of acceleration we are face to face with a speed demon that damns the consequences of speed. Such SPEEDERS should not be trusted in a sane society, as they constitute a great deal of danger to the GENERAL PUBLIC. They are the reason why bumps are placed on the road to reduce carnages.
Speed limit regulation is important, it helps to establish the maximum speed permitted on a given road.

Violators are apprehended and charged for the offense, where SPEED TICKET is issued to the offenders for exceeding the expected speed limit.

Many of these SPEEDERS become more dangerous when they are caught, they make every effort to get away from the law enforcement agencies responsible for controlling speed limits. The only way to catch these offenders(speed demons) is to set up SPEED TRAP on the road. SPIKES are employed to deflate the tire of a “run away” speeders who doesn’t want to take a SPEED TICKET.

There is a proper safe speed limit for drivers who don’t want their driving license confiscated for violating the law. Modern day technology has been developed which can be used to dictate a vehicle that is going above the speed expected. All these are for the good and safety of the people who drive and ply the road as pedestrians.

Take away the possibility of DEATH of men and DESTRUCTION of expensive engines on the roads, air and sea, speed is one of the entertaining programs, a sporting event that attracts the attention of sport lovers, no wonder many people go for sporting events that involves roads and track events where speed competition is permitted, where machine or engines of various capacities are tested. This could only be done in SPEEDWAY where high speed is allowed, usually in the place where human traffic is amazingly, at the zero level.

Speed enhanced by machine, is an experience every human being wants to enjoy once in a while, but with fear lurking in the hearts. The reason is not far fetched: it is because human beings were created without wings to fly, unlike angels with wings, they love to fly! And high speed gives almost similar experience of flight!

Flight is the reason engineers come up with the idea of aircraft of different types and shapes and sizes and speeds of varying degrees and strength. Man is an epitome of speed. He lives in a space where speeding can not be totally avoided because of the vastness of earthly space.

“Oh, if I had a wing I could fly: fly, fly, fly, fly away!”. To catch up with time and conquer long distances, speed is a very necessary factor for consideration.  It establishes a great difference between going slowly and running fast, particularly when we are helped by a machine to accomplish an unprecedented distance within a time frame.

We can’t talk about speeding without talking about the dangers or the consequences involved in it. If you noticed, most carnages on the road are results of unnecessary speed. Speed is not a luxury anyone who wants to live must afford. Such engagement shouldn’t be entertained by any sane man, no matter the amount of temptation or fascination.

It called for caution and professional advice to handle speed, otherwise, don’t try it. It kills!

Speed on the thoroughfare is a highly tempting experience. it doesn’t matter the level of experience one has, if you don’t control your interest in speeding, you might be heading towards unexpected catastrophe! You might find yourself in a ditch!

Wise man runs his course with wisdom, the foolish one embark on flight of no return! If you want to stay alive, run with wisdom! There is more hope for a man who runs on foot than for a man who flies by engaging an engine that can go out of control.

Express way was designed to give room for some level of speed, so that man could go faster and get to where he is going in good time without hindrances. Whenever we are entering or signing up for the express way, a choice has to be made between living and dying. The extent of speed determines whether we want to live or die. You see, accidents are, most of the time, a choice we make without knowing it, because it is very dangerous to engage in unnecessary speed despite knowing that it kills. Accidents are caused!

I doubt if there was anybody created by God who doesn’t like some degree of speed. But it is a wrong spirit! It is a trap!  Where there is speed, death is lurking around the corner! Even though speed, in whatever fashion, it quickens human productivity and  increases the rate of success, yet it is a dangerous decision to take. Speed isn’t for humans, that is why God gave man two legs and not wings!  Where speed is involved, it becomes an additional way of life that is influenced by placing pleasure above common sense. Little wonder many people enjoy the experience and even pay a price for such experience.

For some reasons, many take to speed because certain things needs to be done as quickly as possible. If you had to run in order to cover 1000 km, you can imagine how much time, effort and energy it would take to get that done without a facilitating machine or engine to equip us for that task.

A man who runs, would be faster than the man who walked. No doubt, both would reach the same place at different times with different levels of result and energy conserved.

But a whole lot of difference would be accomplished by engaging or using a conveying machine, designed to enhance the process. The power of conveying vehicle comes to mind. The involvement  would be faster than the man who chooses, at his own very best time, to run on foot. How painful it is to “WALK” where we aught to “RUN” in the face of groaning urgency!  Any attempt to get things DONE by human ability, where mechanical speed is required, can be quite frustrating.

In some circumstances running is better than walking, in another circumstance, speed is better than running, running is an improvement on “taking a walk”, speeding is an improvement over running! But can you imagine running for about 1000 km? Man wasn’t built to accomplish that speed without getting exhausted or warn out in the process.

How swift and sweet it is to see trees and houses literally flying backwards as we speed forward by reason of employing the services of an enhancing machine.

Somebody who WALKED may take months to reach 1000 km, he that RUNS may take less than a month, but machine would be a matter of hours. And when he chooses high speed, it could be a matter of minutes. The difference is clear but risky!

Swift and enjoyable but very risky business to speed! It is the SELF ENTERTAINMENT that is in speeding that eventually trapped men in death and destruction. Humans love to be faster than their legs could carry them, no wonder God gave man the ability to create an extra ordinary machine that would help him to accomplish his tasks in no time by employing mechanical acceleration.

Many people will not agree with me that speed is not of God. It is of the devil, God wouldn’t have given mankind what would destroy them. God gave us horses to ride on, but man, by the devil invented machines and guns!

Consider how many months it would take to move from South Africa to Morocco in the northern part of Africa! If you think of the days involved, you won’t dare it. Even if you have to run, you may not survive at the end because of excessive exhaustion. Now, consider what would happen when a vehicle, or machine, was involved.

Better still, consider what an aircraft would do if engaged in the same flight. It could just be a few hours journey, what would have taken substantial days, for example, to accomplish by human strength. Again, consider the rapidity of a cruising jet! Now, tell me why men wouldn’t prefer being assisted by a powerful engine capable of optimizing the time?

Speed, at the precautionary degree is good because it helps us to reach our goal in good time. But it becomes dangerous when we fail to control the temptation to increase the acceleration beyond what we can manage. This is where speed kills. The temptation to accelerate must be brought under subjection.

Things you must know about exceeding speed limits on the thoroughfare.

H1. Speed is tempting

It is an open invitation to dine with the devil, speed is like a poisoned food we know about but choose to go ahead to eat it. Speed is a hidden trap, very fascinating for those who don’t care consequences. We must learn to control the temptation to speed no matter how attractive, smooth and free the thoroughfare is.

H2. Speed is a dangerous adventure

Because it is exciting to see energy saved, using speed enhancing machine, which increases our chances of success, we mustn’t forget that speed is very dangerous when we exceed the limit expected in certain areas.

H3. Speed brings regret

Many people who like to speed without thinking about the dangers, often regret their actions, that is, if they were even alive to recount their personal experience in engaging in excessive speed. “Speed kills” is a common mantra among those who have seen the hazardous, suicidal effect of stepping on the gas!

H4.  Keep your family in mind

When we are tempted to step on the gas for acceleration, one thing we mustn’t forget is to remember that our family and friends are at home waiting for us to return. They want to welcome us home in one piece and not in pieces. Not only do we endanger the lives of many, we do particularly endanger the very life God gave to us while exploring or enjoying the power of speed.

H5. We lose details on speed

Speed takes away the luxury of details.  You can’t get nice opportunity to get  detailed information about landscapes, landmarks or important features, or places when you are on speed? You can not keep track of events, the brain can’t capture details at tremendous speed.

H6. It brings about wear and tear

Every time we engage the machine or even our physical body to excessive activities we put it on extra ordinary usage that causes “wear” and “tear”. It is pertinent fact that when we cover miles, we have also reduce the quality and the efficiency of the components involved in the process. That’s the main reason spare parts are available for possible replacement of those worn out components.

H7. Burn more gas

We use more energy at speeds, as gas burn more than necessary by speeding, although it depends on the fuel or energy conservation of the vehicle. Some vehicle are fuel efficient. Some burn faster than others!

A man speeding up to 120 km/h, don’t stand a chance to survive if there’s collision. Therefore, increasing the speed beyond this, would mean that, even the vehicle would go beyond repair when there is collision. It would be taken as scrap! The parts would be strewn all over the thoroughfare. What a disaster to fall in love with speeding! Excessive speeding is demonic and destructive.

Sometimes, insurance companies are made to pay for our own carelessness!


Speed kills!

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