Gill Sans Font – Download Free Fonts

Gill Sans Font – Download Free Fonts

Gill Sans Fonts designed by Arthur Eric Rowton Gill. He was an English sculptor, type designer, and printmaker at the same time. Edward Johnston’s Underground Alphabe from 1916 was the base font for Gill Sans. Eric Gill perfected the design using his design and sculpture specialty.

Stanley Morison, who was a friend of Eric Gill, involved him in the design of familiar full-metal fonts. The goal was to compete for the German sans-serif fonts of the 1920s. Published in uppercase, Gill Sans Font had a lowercase font style in a short period of time. He wanted to design classic and modern fonts with a clean perspective.

About Font

NameGill Sans Font
StyleSans Serif
AuthorEric Gill (1928)
File FormatTTF, OTF
Font LicenceFree for personal use

Gill Sans Font Uses

Gill Sans is basically the text font, but it expanded to more in use. You can use the font in any content with a beautiful geometric style.
Design: Adobe Gill Sans fonts are good for design purposes. Gill Sans Ultra Bold Adobe font is good too
Cover: Well-organized Gill Sans is perfect for placing on the cover and leading the perception of the design.
Text – Common usage for Gill Sans is in text for any content. You can use Gill Sans STD Italic which you can use for quotes.

Gill Sans Font Family

  1. Gill Sans Light
  2. Gill Sans Light Italic
  3. Gill Sans Book
  4. Gill Sans Book Italic
  5. Gill Sans Medium
  6. Gill Sans Medium Italic
  7. Gill Sans Bold
  8. Gill Sans Bold Italic
  9. Gill Sans Heavy
  10. Gill Sans Heavy Italic
  11. Gill Sans ExtraBold
  12. Gill Sans UltraBold
  13. Gill Sans Condensed
  14. Gill Sans Condensed Bold
  15. Gill Sans Condensed UltraBold
  16. Gill Sans ExtraCondensed Bold
  17. Gill Sans Light Shadowed
  18. Gill Sans Shadowed
  19. Gill Sans Display Bold
  20. Gill Sans Display ExtraBold
  21. Gill Sans Display Condensed Bold

Fonts Gill Sans Related

  1. Elido
  2. Rian Hug
  3. Bebop
  4. ITC Johnston
  5. Gill Kayo Condensed
  6. P22 Johnston Underground
  7. Mundo Sans
  8. ITC Adderville
  9. Tschichold
  10. EF Today Sans Serif H
  11. FF Kievit
  12. Chianti BT
  13. Corinthian
  14. Gill Display Compressed
  15. EF Granby
  16. Arial
  17. Perec
  18. Figgins Sans
  19. SG Today Sans Serif SH
  20. Charlotte Sans

Gill Sans Font Preview


Download Gill Sans Font Family

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Oc1hmz6.png

How to install Gill Sans Font

How to install Font in Windows

  1. Download the font files. These often come compressed in .zip folders. In a .zip folder, you can find several variations of the same font, such as “light” and “heavy”. A .zip folder usually looks like this:image
  2. If the font files are zipped, unzip them by right-clicking the .zip folder and clicking Extract. You will now see the available TrueType and OpenType font files:image
  3. Right-click the fonts you want and click Install.image
  4. If you are prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer, and if you trust the source of the font, click Yes.

Font installed successfully Your new fonts will appear in the list of fonts in Word.

How to install Font on Mac

Double-click the font in Finder, then click Install Font in the font preview window that opens. After your Mac validates the font and you open the Font Book app, the font will be installed and available for use.


You can use Font Book preferences to set the default installation location, which determines whether the fonts you add are available to other user accounts on your Mac.

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