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San Francisco Font is an American neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface created by Apple Inc. It was first released to developers on November 18, 2014. It is the first new typeface designed at Apple in nearly 20 years and has been inspired by Helvetica and DIN. The typeface has been criticized by the San Francisco Chronicle for having nothing to do with the city and for being simply “Helvetica on a low-carb diet.

San Francisco Font information

NameSan Francisco Font
StyleNeo-grotesque, Sans-serif
DesignerApple Inc
File FormatOTF, TTF
Font LicenceFree For Personal use.
TypeFree Font.

San Francisco Font Uses

Since its introduction, San Francisco has gradually replaced most of Apple’s other typefaces in its software and hardware products and for the brand as a whole and has replaced Lucida Grande and Helvetica Neue as the macOS system typeface. and iOS from OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. Apple uses it on its website and for the word marks of its products, where it replaced Myriad Pro. It is also used on the MacBook 2015 keyboard and the MacBook Pro 2016, replacing to VAG Rounded. It is also used as Apple’s corporate typeface.

Apple restricts the use of the font by third parties. It is licensed to registered third-party developers only for application design and development for Apple platforms.

The San Francisco font is an old-fashioned font that would be great for designs well below the sixties vibe. Wavetone is a nifty serif font that you would use to design a brochure quilt, poster, greeting card, or flyer.

It is the ans-serif typeface and Apple Inc designed this font. You can use the San Francisco font for posts on social media sites.

San Francisco Font View


Download San Francisco Font

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How to install San Francisco Font on Windows

  1. Download the font files.
  2. Right-click the font, and click Install.image
  3. Your new fonts will appear in the fonts list in Word.

How to install San Francisco Font on Mac

After downloading a font, let’s say Freight Sans font. It came in a zip format. Just double-click on the file and it will unzip immediately. The fonts basically come with .ttf (TrueType Font) or.OTF (OpenType Font) format.

  1. Click on the font files. It will open like the picture below.image
  2. Click the Install button down on the right corner. It is marked in the picture below.image

Your font is now installed.

How install San Francisco Font on Linux?

Copy the font files (.ttf or .otf) to fonts:// in the File Manager.
Or: Go into the /home folder, in the menu select View > Show Hidden Files, you will see the hidden folder .fonts (if not, create it) then copy the font files there.
Or: (under some Linux versions – Ubuntu for example) Double-click the font file > “Install font” button in the preview window.

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