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Undertale Logo Font is a gaming typeface used in many video games. The font was first produced in 2015 when it was used in the logo of the popular video game “Undertale Logo”. Since then, it has become a standard typeface for many online video games. Undertale is a famous and most-played video game that was designed by indie developer Toby Fox in 2015.

Although the game became a huge success, people couldn’t bear to praise the amazing typography applied to the logo. It is a fun font that is used especially for this purpose. However, the Undertale logo font has many similarities to the Monster Friend Font and Biker Font. It consists of 2 distinguished and elegant styles, including Back and Fore. It was created by Harry Wakamatsu, a Japanese type designer known for designing quality-based fonts.

It also has many other features and things to serve. For example, the Undertale Logo Font Generator tool helps you generate different Undertale logo designs without any license restrictions. The tool is completely free and accessible to everyone around the world. In addition, the tool solves the compatibility problem and provides you with complete ease. It is widely used everywhere for this purpose.

Undertale Font information

NameUndertale Font
DesignerHarry Wakamatsu
File FormatOTF, TTF
Font LicenceFree For Personal and Commercial Use.
TypeFree Version.

Undertale Font Uses

The font is in widespread use because it has been on the good list of designers since day 1. After the font originated, it received an overwhelming response, after which its 2 variants emerged, including Monster Friend Back, and Monster Friend Fore which intensified its demand. Let’s frame these platforms where you can think of using this font unceremoniously.

1- Videogames

It is surely the first platform that comes to mind when we talk about the Undertale font. It is reviewed as one of the most requested typefaces for video games because the font got a massive response after being applied to the video game logo. Aside from the Undertale video game, many video games used this font.

2- Project printing

For print projects, designers often prefer to use fonts that are flexible and easy to read and understand. When it comes to flexible fonts, you can’t find a better option than an Undertale typeface. For printing purposes, you can clearly think of this font with the hero font style that makes the design readable and understandable. For stationary printing, it is highly recommended.

3- Logos

For Logos, the Undertale font is fully supported. For the game logo, website logo or any other logo, it is worth using. The font comprises all the features to best-fit logos, including simplicity and clarity.

4- Others

The font is an ideal choice for many other motifs and bases, including websites, banners, covers, commercial projects, development purposes, layouts, and many other causes. Increases the readability score and makes your design stand out.

Undertale Font View


Undertale Font Family

  1. Monster Friend Fore Pro Regular
  2. Monster Friend Back Pro Regular

Similar Fonts To Undertale

  • Boxing
  • Mona Shark
  • KG Happy
  • Curly Ribbons
  • Mexcellent 3D
  • Scramble Mixed
  • Disco 
  • FT Helsingfurt

Download Undertale Font

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Oc1hmz6.png

How to install Undertale Font on Windows

  1. Download the font files.
  2. Right-click the font, and click Install.image
  3. Your new fonts will appear in the fonts list in Word.

How to install Undertale Font on Mac

After downloading a font, let’s say Freight Sans font. It came in a zip format. Just double-click on the file and it will unzip immediately. The fonts basically come with .ttf (TrueType Font) or.OTF (OpenType Font) format.

  1. Click on the font files. It will open like the picture below.image
  2. Click the Install button down on the right corner. It is marked in the picture below.image

Your font is now installed.

Font FAQs

What kind of font is the Undertale font?

It is a modern and elegant typeface that was first used in the logo of the popular video game “Undertale” released on September 15, 2015, for Microsoft users. Over time, it also emerged for other platforms. The font used in the logo for that featured game was “Undertale font”.

Is Undertale Font free to use?

You can surely get free access to this typeface, but you should limit yourself to your personal works. However, if you want the font for your other paid projects, you must first purchase the license, after which you will be allowed to extend the usage.

Where can the Undertale font be best used?

You have many options in this regard. The first is video games where the font is used from day 1. Also, you can examine this typeface with Mona Shark Font in logos, development apps, websites, t-shirt logos, banners, printing purposes, and many other places.

What is Undertale Font Generator?

It is a widely used tool that costs nothing. You can use the online tool without any font requirements. It allows you to design different Undertale catchy font logos at no cost.

When was the Undertale video game released?

It was first released on September 15, 2015, for Microsft users. After a year, it originated for Linux and then for the Playstation platform. It was created by Toby Fox, an independent developer.

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